31 August 2014

Hello ?

Kesiannya Alia ni cari butang new post pun tak jumpa dekat mana ish ish. It's been a while, well, 5 months since the last time I've been here. Not that I purposely like, "What if I wait for 5 months to write a new post, see what people will say, hehohohuiuhu !", no no.. Perasan like that. Apa aku tulis ni? God I've lost my writing skills T__T

For those who knew, I am now attached to my phone dearly. My new phone ehek ehek ! I only use my laptop for assignment purpose. Never in my mind to update my blog because I am busy, I usually spend my free time to sleep or to read books or watching Running Man or gosip dengan Muhammad Adzeem or sibuk layan Alex.

Banyak benda nak update seperti saya dah sambung belajar sejak bulan 3 lagi dan harapnya itu dapat menjelaskan kepada hampa semua kenapa saya tak update blog tehehe. And I know it's too late but Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. May all of you have a wonderful Hari Raya celebration. Dan Selamat Hari Merdeka ;)

In case you guys really want to follow me (hahaha ada ka) please tune in to my Twitter or Instagram because I am there almost everyday or not almost. I will update you guys with more recipes to be tried, more places to be shared and more stories to be cherished here :)

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Mazni Munawar said...

rindunya kak alia! selamat kembali berblogging :D